Social Login & Renewed effort

Hello all

Getting back to the blog again after the crash back in October, so I am reworking it as I now have time and feel I can do it again.
To make it easier for people I have setup the site using oneall plugin so that people can use whatever social login they want from the list to do comment and such, this took sometime to set up as I was not sure about anything, but I am sure it will work and I hope people will find it useful, if not I will obviously purge the data so that no data can be misused should something be messed up.

Anyway I hope to be live and active on the blog at least bi-weekly as part of the streaming I do every week on, I think there may be enough creative thoughts after streaming to give me stuff to write about and maybe make something interesting of it.

So look forward to more coming so have fun and enjoy

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