Greeting Traveler / Gamer

Now I am sure you reached here by visiting as you saw one of the Game servers I run or rent etc. since I name them all as follows [url] [game_shorttitle] ([server#number]).

Now why do I do this?

well mostly it has become a habit over the years, whenever I had some spare money for a set of time, I used it to rent game servers from such places as i3D(NL), Mulitplay(UK) and so on.

That is until I could no longer afford it or the service provider shut down renting services, like Multiplay did no to long ago for users.

So now I do it pretty much out of habit and just to challenge myself, that way I always have somewhere to play, should I feel like doing so and hopefully have people on to join them.

IP/HOST Address Port
V Rising 9876
– – – –
– – – – – – – –
Green: Open Server
Blue: Password
Grey: Frozen
Red: Will be removed

Donation / Funding

Now I have had some of my friends ask in the past, if I want to get some monetary funding or donations to keep servers running, while I do not ask for them I do not strictly say no to them either (if such is the case and are given freely), I will however not add any donation button to this section at present time as I am not asking for it, but if desired I will provide one in the future.


Feel free to use the comment section below to give your input and/or desires to what could be made better for the servers like games and mods and so forth, I am willing to listen but promise nothing more then what I can provide, thank you.

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