Early morning yell of horror

I feel like I want to scream in horror some mornings, this really horrible sensation of ” I can’t wake up! ” really is an annoyance, I miss the days when waking up to being awake was the matter of an hour, not as now when it’s the matter of feeling awake rarely for 20 mins during ONE DAY A FRIKKIN’ WEEK!…
I am sorry, I suppose it’s a side effect of the medications, I do suppose that it is better then having attacks and high blood pressure headaches among other pains I had without the medications aid, although I have at times wondered if it is a general lethargy that comes with age?
The worst days are those when you feel so lethargic that you find yourself sleeping during moments of the day one would assume to be awake, maybe it’s all that exhaustion I didn’t have time to feel as part of the hour long high intensity panic anxiety attacks?
Maybe I need to get some relaxation in form of a massage at one of those health resort kind of things?
I guess I should put down the phone now after I turn of the wp app and get a nap while the rain still falls outside, maybe if I am lucky when they yell that it is lunch I will feel a little bit more awake, until next time…

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