A sort of “fear?” I am tired of

When you turn around and remember, oh yeah I used to have a blog, last time I wrote something was in wow…

I spent most of last year stressing a bit and feeling odd about a lot of things, can I do this without causing a drawn out issue?, can I start this and complete it without stressing over it?, can I … etc etc.

What is it that causes oneself to have so many questions on these issues and things?, I think it has to do with the last couple of years of so-called political correctness movements and rhetoric…

Let us face it, it is not an attempt at being correct, then what is it? you may wonder, it is corruption of stability or disillusion of reality to fit with what some would like the world to be instead of the reality of what it is.

Many do not like that the world is cold and hard, they do not like that they are not special or are not being part of something that is better or more special then anything else…

Now I expect that I have managed to capture the attention of a lot of those whom want to censor reality and are preparing to counter argument utilizing anything from propaganda, pre-written rhetoric and academical works based on out of context issues that are based on the alternate reality or “dream state”, utilizing buzz words, amended speech and positivity infused repetition speech no person would use in daily communication with anyone unless from the echo chambers they wish that the world really was.

Right, let us remember what will happens to anyone whom try to break through the wall the… what would one call it all, first idea I had was to find common words for censoring speech not in line with their desires, the reliance of using force in many forms to make others comply with their views, creating situations as where to spin the situation so to play the victim to make certain that you are pushed away, in the end make anything you say is seen as hate or heretical, no matter how true it really is… history reminds me that all of this compares to the methodology of Facist states, Nazi Germany, Soviet Communism and other ideologies and historical situations that share those same things, so what should we call the whole movement?, I have no idea but something Facist movement seemed closest…

Ach, anyway I highly suspect that this page or site will be DDoS’d just for it in an attempt of trying to censor the human right of free speech trying to spin it as if it was hate speech or anything other then an open opinion of how things are in the social climate where one can’t speak openly about something that is not hate speech but have it twisted into meaning anything but or made into a direct form of assault on someone or something it is not.

Heck I would not be surprised if they began attacking my twitch channel, my youtube channel or even try to dox me as to make sure I keep my mouth shut in the future or make it so you are a social outcast or made shunned by the rest of society, using everything from lies to whatever they can make up to spin it according to their agenda

…whatever, I just figured I would voice the “fears” in lack of a better word, that I hear from many of my friends and contacts, as well as that of my own.

In the end of it all, “it is just a small voice that speaks words with truth that can not be heard over the yelling voice of the facist word wrangler.”

Anyway, I suspect that the comments will be filled with a lot of emotions rather then objective criticism or positive commentary if anything, but fine I will read them and listen and consider, heck I might even answer them, remember though I am not doing this out of malice, hate or looking for flames or war, if you are someone wanting to spin it that way, that is your issue and as such your issue to get over.

Early morning yell of horror

I feel like I want to scream in horror some mornings, this really horrible sensation of ” I can’t wake up! ” really is an annoyance, I miss the days when waking up to being awake was the matter of an hour, not as now when it’s the matter of feeling awake rarely for 20 mins during ONE DAY A FRIKKIN’ WEEK!…
I am sorry, I suppose it’s a side effect of the medications, I do suppose that it is better then having attacks and high blood pressure headaches among other pains I had without the medications aid, although I have at times wondered if it is a general lethargy that comes with age?
The worst days are those when you feel so lethargic that you find yourself sleeping during moments of the day one would assume to be awake, maybe it’s all that exhaustion I didn’t have time to feel as part of the hour long high intensity panic anxiety attacks?
Maybe I need to get some relaxation in form of a massage at one of those health resort kind of things?
I guess I should put down the phone now after I turn of the wp app and get a nap while the rain still falls outside, maybe if I am lucky when they yell that it is lunch I will feel a little bit more awake, until next time…

Social Login & Renewed effort

Hello all

Getting back to the blog again after the crash back in October, so I am reworking it as I now have time and feel I can do it again.
To make it easier for people I have setup the site using oneall plugin so that people can use whatever social login they want from the list to do comment and such, this took sometime to set up as I was not sure about anything, but I am sure it will work and I hope people will find it useful, if not I will obviously purge the data so that no data can be misused should something be messed up.

Anyway I hope to be live and active on the blog at least bi-weekly as part of the streaming I do every week on Twitch.tv, I think there may be enough creative thoughts after streaming to give me stuff to write about and maybe make something interesting of it.

So look forward to more coming so have fun and enjoy


So something crashed and I lost all the blog posts :/

I managed to save the data for the Stamfaste blog so that’s ok, I will probably have to write new posts and have a long time of fixing the plugins and various friend links again.