A dream along the river

Hi all

long time no write…

I have been having some issues with sleep and general writers block one could say, mostly I have been stuck on trying to write down parts of a dream I have had on and off for almost 4 months now, but I just cant seem to get it down myself as a story on paper, so i thought why not write about it as general…

To explain, the dream is like an epic tale where most of it is about a land that among several dreams passthrough several hundreds of years, I will write down the dreams in general as in the timeline I dreamed them, the dreams start of in a mountain area ending with a high cliff out towards the sea, in a section there is a large opening at ground level with a large river connected to the sea and at that section there are two villages on each side of the river/sea annex, at first the dreams go about a minor war among the populace of the two villages.

After a few dreams this war ends in a truce due to a marriage between the high elven daughter of a village elder on one side and one of the human sons to the other village captains, after the high elven leaders death 10 years after the war ended the couple that married become leaders of the villages and establish a project to build a sort of harbor in the middle of the river with a high elevated bridge between the villages and the harbor so that ships from the sea may conduct trade at the harbor and still be able to use the river to reach cities and villages along the river.

A few dreams in I dreamt of what must be the capital city that was far beonde into the land along river, rather a far travel I think as the land seem to take most of its moisture from the river end, along the river I saw several farms that utilized what little area seemed to be able to hold crops and beonde that vast of dry dirt and deserts, the capital city looked very large and like it held several thousands of large stone houses with smaller wood and cloth housing on top of them a sort of telltale of overcrowding in a major city, guards walking about in their yellow/orange and brown leather like clothing and hats that looked like those asian straw hats but looked like they were made of some sort of white wood or ivory and their weapons looked like long sickles where the blade was of a thick redish metal and throwing spears where the blades looked like they were made of crystal…

to much detail there… anyway

In the dream an army amasses outside of the city and soon guards and army people from the city join the army outside and travel away using boats in the harbor sailing away a bit later in the dreams i think almost a week apart the boats now pass the village of which i dream of the village again where the harbor has grown and there is stone housing from the ground to almost 1/4th of the height of what the mount cliff edges around it is, passing several dreams of odd stories in the city, murder, wealthy merchants and what looks like general transport of supplies to the army that now is in a land of dark ash and rotten tree in dark marshes and a jungle with several volcanos in the far away background into the land and what seems to be the armies target is what looks like a massive dark castle built into the wall of a super large volcano seeming to have lava rivers running along sides and through the castle and city around it, it seem to be inhabited of humans of dark grey or dark scorched skin, probably from prolonged exposure to the lava around them or the darkness around it blocking out most light, not only humans are seen but what I would percieve as large Orcs with dark brown skin seeming to bleed from scorched wounds a dark brown thick liquid slowly like that of tree sap from a damaged tree that when it hits the ground…

to much details again.. sorry

anyway back to the villages at the river and sea bit, which now in the dream they have built the stone housing up to the top edge of the mountains on both sides and have now started to build a large city on the top edge over the opening between the mountains that looks like a mix of stone and marble but they leave what looks like a huge open perfect circled hole in the middle of it, I have been trying to figure that out, but I think it might be to allow the sun light to pass onto the town below as they have built the city on the top edge, under the top of what I now count the 2 villages have joined to become a city and the lower parts of it ios becoming a large harbor with large tree structures hanging fromt he city top with pullies and massive cranes for loading and offloading ships and what looks like a shipyard is now slowly growing out of the middle harbor pointing out in the sea, at this point most of my dreams of the city of the two villages seem to be drama about the city government which now appears to be between 7 houses, 2 human houses that handle the docks, 3 high elven that handle the city politics, trade and general economy it seems, 1 house of what looks like walking humanoids of wood and stone seem to handle the guard and military of the town and the last house of what seems to be dwarves and halflings seem to handle the city architecture and outlying farms on top of the mountain region…

to much details, seems i cant keep my head from going into the dreams sorry.

Anyway to conclude it all. it seems the large capital city has sent armies to the black volcano castle 4-5 times during the build of the villages to the city state it is now, in my last 3 dreams the black castle army was attacking the city state by the sea and was unsuccessful gathering any ground beonde that of the harbor and 3/4th of the height of the mountain before the capital city army seemed to arrive on boats and was chased off, a dialog i remember from one of the dreams was explaining how the attacking armies sent towards the black castle was sent at a certain date to pre-battle the black castles armies so that they would not be able to attack the land again, so this seems to be a constant pre-war to stop the black castle armies from amassing and attacking the lands of the humans, elves and dwarves etc. etc. but this time around they were late with sending an army due to political trouble at the capital city of “Harmanrith” this is the first time I can remember hearing the name of the capital city mentioned in my dreams.

…anyway my dreams continue and I don’t know if they will ever end, I only know that in my dreams the story is epic as first experience, but to take that and make it onto paper as a story that would capture the reader and share the emotions and imagination as my own in the dreams.

I will end here and let you ponder it, if you would like to write a story that depicts out of this dream world of mine I say go to it make a book even sell it if you like, all I ask for is a bit of credit for what my mind dreamt up ;)

on that I will go back to my dreams and some video gaming possibly.


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